The Curious Expedition and plans to come…

I missed this on Tuesday, but Rock Paper Shotgun named The Curious Expedition as best "roguelike" game of 2016 as part of their consistently excellent annual Advent Calendar. Congratulations to The Curious Expedition and its developers, Riad Djemili and Johannes Kristmann! I'm quite taken with the game myself and must write about it soon. I … Read more The Curious Expedition and plans to come…

Mad Archivists, Doing More, and Space (#dlfLAC)

This past weekend I attended the Digital Library Federation Liberal Arts Colleges Pre-Conference (dlfLAC) and spent a lot of time reflecting on how I am approaching concepts of project-based learning. In particular, I quite enjoyed a talk given by Patrick Wallace, Digital Projects & Archives Librarian at Middlebury. Patrick built his talk around the concept … Read more Mad Archivists, Doing More, and Space (#dlfLAC)

How (& Why) Did They Make That?

Session Map Overview & Introductions Archiving Campus Controversies & Student Criticism on the Web Digital Humanities as Community Engagement in the Digital Watts Project Voices of Industrial America: A Distance Digital Liberal Arts Seminar Journal of Tolkien Research: An OA Peer-Reviewed Journal on Digital Commons Facilitated Discussion Open Q&A Ten minute talks. Archiving Campus Controversies … Read more How (& Why) Did They Make That?

Planning to Share: Open Educational Resources (OER) for SLACs (dlfLAC notes)

Mackenzie Brooks (Wash & Lee, Digital Humanities Librarian, Asst. Prof.) and Brandon Walsh Liberal Arts context Resources can be professionally legible (to academics but also to language within your organization (ie tied to your official role) Plan up front for different stages in a project's life What is OER? What do these words actually mean? … Read more Planning to Share: Open Educational Resources (OER) for SLACs (dlfLAC notes)

Digital Scholarship Infrastructure (dlfLAC notes)

Middlebury ran a Data Camp in their winter term Doing 2.0 this coming January Difficulty of attending a four day workshop They have done mapping workshops Integrated Model for Support of Digital Scholarship These three speakers are all from Rhodes They want to show us pictures; lovely picture of Rhodes Location in Memphis central to … Read more Digital Scholarship Infrastructure (dlfLAC notes)

dlfLAC posts this week!

Yesterday I spent an entire day in conference panel discussions focused on archival research and digital methods seeking to contextualize the relationship between both, with a wide range of discussions flowing out from that basic point. Presenters discussed moral challenges and obligations facing archivists, shared their own experiences in seeking to incorporate digital methods into … Read more dlfLAC posts this week!

Class across the ocean and in the classroom

Eliot Bamford wrote an interesting piece in The Guardian today about class in America and class in Britain. This is something I run into quite a lot when I teach here in the US; despite being Irish and not British (more of that in a moment) I carry some specific assumptions about class with me … Read more Class across the ocean and in the classroom